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The Early Days Leading up to BargainCat



We are often asked “how did BargainCat start?”

The founder of BargainCat gives his insight into those early days in the mid 1990’s…

Early Years in the dot com boom era

It was around late 1996 and I had only had my first PC running on Windows 95. I had dabbled in web design and I was fascinated with the Internet. I’m not sure how or why but I came across Amazon and then I found some shopping sites which would sell other people products. I wanted to try this.

Getting a Domain Name

I remember how difficult it was to sign up for a domain name back then. You would have to send a check to Network Solutions and I was in Australasia so it was quite a way back then. It would cost over $100 as well.

The First 90’s Versions of BargainCat

I had 2 websites that I started to place stores products on, and later I would spend hours just hand placing items on the site and spend a lot of time adding merchant’s details. It was a long hard job for zero rewards. Yes I basically made nothing. But I was thrilled with been able to sell other peoples stuff online in this new digital frontier. I just loved looking at all the shops logos and websites. I enjoyed helping others to find the best prices. But it was too much work for little reward back then looking back now.

The founder kept slogging it out and placing deals on his site manually for little reward.

Discount Saver logo

BargainCat is Born

It was not until around early 2000’s that I got inspired and worked out how I would do this better and was launched (the domain is no longer owned by the founder). DiscountSaver was very successful, making quite a bit for merchants in sales. it was a lot of work though as the website was hand coded in ASP and I really was not a coder but a designer and I could not afford to pay anyone to build it so I built it piece by piece using online tutorials and forums. I must give credit to a guy named Bill I think on “3 Guys from Rola” who helped a lot with my coding questions in those early years.

I then decided I wanted a .com name so that is when I picked out to be the new brand.

Since then BargainCat has grown to be one of the most popular coupon and deal websites online.

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Online Coupon Codes Bring in More Sales



It comes as no surprise but consumers who use online coupon codes usually spend more and bring in a greater amount of business than those who don’t.

Online Coupon Codes Surveys

Recent surveys of consumers, bargain seeking consumers reported spending nearly $1000 per year more than the consumers who use coupon codes less. Importantly though, nearly three-quarters of coupon code seeking consumers said they would be more likely to go with another brand if they had a promotion code.

Increased Sales

Online coupon code use generates new customers and it increases sales,” Gary Long, director of, says; “Some people think that coupon hunters only buy more expensive items but it’s not how it is at all. People look for savings on a wide variety of products and services in a large scale of cost difference”.

Popularity of Coupon Codes

In the recent survey it was found that online promo codes and discount vouchers were the main incentive when it came to making a purchase online. The absence of a discount voucher also reduces the chance of not actually checking out. Most of the survey participants said they would be more likely to buy a product they had placed in their digital shopping cart, but had not bought if they found a promotion code for that item.

Online Coupon Codes Bring in More Sales

Loyalty from Codes

“Customers are far more loyal and have more positive connections to online shops that provide coupon codes,” Gary Long says. “This is great times for online shops to take advantage of this knowledge”.

The Benefits of Offering Online Coupon Codes

Coupon codes do more good for a brand or product than having a negative effect as the survey showed most of the respondents said they had positive thoughts toward stores that offer saving codes. Also, the most active coupon users spend a lot more than the average online shopping consumer that is not so active in using coupon codes. The coupon shoppers also planned to spend a good percentage more than other shoppers in the next year.

“You really are seeing a new wave of online consumers that are actively seeking coupon codes for their online shopping purchases,” Gary Long says.

Obviously from these findings it seems online merchants need to move with the current trends and get working on providing coupon codes for their customers on a regular basis. Customers are very savvy these days and providing promotional codes will cement a lot of sales for a particular product. Businesses that have new products launched can also have their sales propelled by promoting that new product with a new discount code to use in the promotional marketing. With the trend of social networking too, the word can soon get around that there is a coupon available for a product.

Lucy Denim writes part-time mainly about nutrition and is a leading writer for the popular coupon saving website