Golf Ball Stealing Crows



Yesterday afternoon I went outside to hit a few golf balls around my back yard as I normally do several times a day. My back yard is average size here in Australia which gives me enough room to chip & pitch my balls up to around 10 meters or so away. I also practice my swing with my drivers but using plastic golf balls.

When I started to round up the golf balls as they are scattered on the back lawn from where I hit them the day before in my last practice I noticed that there was fewer balls than usual. I took another harder look and there was definitely something amiss here I thought!. There should have been about 70 balls but after I counted them there was only 18 balls. Hmmm’ I thought, it must be some low life theft stealing my balls, maybe it was my neighbors friend I wondered – who I had often thought was a little untrustworthy and who also likes golf? I left the last 18 balls there and went inside after I had hit them around. Well at least they had left me a few to practice with I thought!

Many thoughts and suspicions crossed my mind and I was feeling sick in my stomach at the feeling of someone scooping so low as to steal someone’s used golf balls. They had been on my lawn like this for the past 2 years since I first took up golf so it was really strange that someone decided to take them now all of a sudden. I then started to think how I should deal with this, it was not a matter of the cost but it was a matter of principle since I could pick up 70 second hand golf balls on Ebay for less than $20. Should I approach my neighbors about this? Should I just forget it and let them feel guilty about what they have done? I thought I would sleep on it.

The next morning I woke up in my bed and you guessed it – the first thing I was thinking about was the missing golf balls scenario. As I lay their pondering my thoughts I could hear some crows making the strange noises they make (well at least the Australian Crows do), Noises like screaming people, sometimes very weird. Something crossed my mind as I started falling back to sleep, maybe the crows are taking my golf balls? I went back to sleep for another 30 minutes and woke up., I jumped out of bed feeling fully awake now… I ran outside and on to my back lawn…. All my balls had now gone, yes the crows had sure enough been the culprits and they had taken the last 18 balls I had left. I did find one they had missed under some grass and another behind a sheet of corrugated plastic.

Well one thing I know now is that it doesn’t pay to start blaming anyone until you are absolutely sure and have some evidence. I could have easily made a fool of myself if I had started pointed the finger at people who I thought took my golf balls. Instead, it was bird who is the guilty party and there s nothing I can do, there is no court who would hear this trial, there is no legal rights I have to put these golf ball stealing crows behind bars. All I can do now is make sure I pick up all my balls after each practice session. Damn Crows!!!